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I am still struggling to get the top left screw. I will definitely go check Homedepot/Lowes and see what tool I can get that will help me get the screw out. In the mean time I was wondering where did you connect the Orange/Green and green cables too. I read the instructions and could identify the like wires coming out from the power harness in the passenger side. Is it because the fuse box is concealing those cables. Also I already have a fuse in slot F28 according to the instructions but the Rear PDC kit came with a 5amp fuse too, I guess I dont need to use it right. Its just a spare?

Also can you share a pic of the tool u used if it is not to much of a hassle.

The black connectors that came with the rear PDC kit I guess each wire goes into one channel right and then I snap close it

Thanks for all the help you provided so far
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