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Drives: 2013 Mercedes C250
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Location: South Florida

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My 12 years of cars so far

1991 Pontiac Firebird
1994 Pontiac Firebird Formula
2005 Ford Mustang GT
2007 Volvo s40 T5
2009 Pontiac G8 Gt
2010 GMC Sierra
2009 335i

I wasn't doing to bad until The last 4 years. i had alot of life changes during that time and cars i owned didn't fit those lifestyles. First firebirds were my high school cars and weren't all that reliable with me buying them over 100k miles. The mustang was my college car. It was probably the most boring car I owned. The volvo was my first car after college. I leased it, so only 3 years there. S40 was to small of a car for me, if not, it was a fun car to drive. I beat it up pretty bad. I got the G8 while I was working in Maryland and I lived across the street from work, so I wanted a nice powerful car to have fun with on the weekends. I got transfered to miami, florida. Where I had a 170 mile commute to work every day. Got depressed over gas guzzler and car getting beat up. So i took a huge hit trading it in for the truck. i wanted something that was a little better gas mileage but great for driving on the highway. Plus I did alot of work on my house at that time. I got transferred to an office 10 miles from my house in florida. Started getting annoyed that I was driving a truck then because I'm not a huge truck person. So i gave my dad the truck and got the 335i.
I plan on keeping the 335i as long i can. Hopefully pay it off after a couple years, and lease a little civic or something for my weekly commute. I'm stable where I am now, so no more life changes.