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Originally Posted by m3power13 View Post
Dallas can have all the weapons in the world but until they acquire a secondary that doesn't give up big plays it is all for null. They have a good D line though.

I agree about the swagger, something is wrong in Big D. We will be lucky to be at .500 going into the bye week. Suddenly getting into the playoffs looks like a challenge. You can forget the Super Bowl talk.
i completely agree. our secondary is disgusting. seems like the majority of our starters are hurt. t.o. is dropping the damn ball. pacman appears to be a bust. lack of enthusiasm. i could go on forever. with nfc east as tough as it is, i'm beginning to think playoff hopes might be in jeopardy, although i've seen crazier things happen. oh well, as long as we're in the super bowl in 2011, when it would be a home game, i'll be happy