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awesome shots and the car looks amazing as always davey d
as always, thanks for the compliments Marv!

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one of the best TiAgs here by far.

any inteiror pics?
what about your rears - any rub on this setup you have? Feder rolling or flaring needed? Considering 19in LC lemans and same suspension and wondering how the ride and rub and if i can get away without any work on fenders.
I rub on my passenger rear mainly because of one part that needs to be rolled more and hammered down. Fenders have been rolled but more work can be done to it. Main issue is to not have so bulky tires, I have generals on so that doesn't help the rubbing issue at all. If you go with toyo t1r's that would most beneficial running a aggressive set up. Within a month of putting the wheels on I got koni yellows installed and that helped the rubbing a is very stiff. Either go KW V2's or this setup, you can't go wrong with either one.

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lol same !
Higher res. pics will be up soon! (take your time Tom, I know you have a busy schedule)