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Originally Posted by Martin_D View Post
Jet Black respray?

Depends really how bad the body shop leaves it? Even though jet Black is soft it may need something a little stronger than the 85rd.

The products are fine, it really depends what shape you get it back in.

It may need stronger or not, you will be able to tell right away.
so under certain circumstances 85rd on a finishing pad will be enough to do minor correction on fresh uncured paint? their compounding work usually doesn't leave any deep scratches. it's generally just really bad holograms.

you don't think P203S would be too aggressive? it seems to have a pretty hefty cut considering how well it finishes down. i'm guessing it may even leave marring on fresh jet black. i don't want to eat through more clear than necessary.

i know i could just try X product and see what happens, but if i may need to purchase new polish or pads, i'd rather order them before the car is done being painted

thanks again martin