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ITM copy TPMS voided my warranty!!!

I felt the need to share my story on all the BMW boards I can find about the issue I had this week at my BMW dealer. A couple months ago I was putting together a winter set for my 335i and I had gotten some Blizzak tires for my OEM wheels, since my other set of wheel are aftermarket and I had spent a good amount of money on them, I wanted to keep them nice through the winter. So to save some money I bought a set of ITM sensors off a seller on Ebay, that's when the issues began. The set worked on and off all though December, so I decided to take my car to the dealer to see what the issue was. After I described it to my service adviser, they took the car for the day and then called me later saying that since the sensors were not OE and they had seen this before and that I would have to change them out with OEM and get the car flashed. They also told me that this has voided my warranty for anything electronic on my car. So the whole thing has now cost me over $1700. not to mention the amount I paid for the junk ITM sensors. I contacted the seller to see if I could get my money back and I was told once they have been installed they are not returnable, how convenient...
I would tell anyone...use this stuff at your own I have a void warranty just cause I thought I was saving a few bucks.
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