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Originally Posted by marsflis View Post
Thanks for sharing bud, here are the links to the videos I recorded trying to use the launch feature prior to you posting these videos. I think I am getting it down, any advice is appreciated
Your loosing power on the launch causing the DSC to kick in too much which causes throttle closures and boost reduction. Take a log of it and you will see

I hear alot of pounding in the back ground so I am assuming you are being too agrressive with you foot work on the pedals

You do not need to hit the kick down switch again after the flag, nor do you have to wait till the RPMs drop that far before releasing the brake

As soon as you lift off the kick down switch you can release the brake immediately, the car wont move anywhere (while the flag is displayed) until you press on the gas peddle (no need to mash it back down). Re-appplication of the gas peddle is to modulate how much power you want to the wheel to reduce wheel spin