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Originally Posted by marsflis View Post
Thanks again for the help man, night and day difference and the DCT suffers less. BTW I might be heading up to pbir on the 22nd of this month with a few people from the forum, not sure if you would like to join but let me know if you can make it
Thanks for the invite not sure though if I will be able to make it. I dont like going to PBIR unless its cold out.

Keep in mind launching the car on the street vs PBIR track will be a little bit more challenging. Yes you will have superior traction but thats where the type of tires you have and your suspension will be prime factors. Take it easy at first to see if you are getting any wheel hop.

Dont ride the wheel hop, lay off the trottle the first signs of it and adjust.

Thats why i like going in the winer times, stock suspension is much more "stiffer" and tires grip better