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On some songs i am expecting more sound up around my head but its just not happening.[\quote]

Why would you expect sound up around your head? I'm sorry, I don't understand what you mean. If you mean a high stereo image, but forward and in the windshield, that can be accomplished without the center. JBL is on record as saying that the center helps most with delivering near-identical images from either seat.

But I suspect that is not what you mean... What do you mean?

Well this may be too dificult to explain, but i'll try. Obviously after the install i have gone through my music collection to see how different things sound. I know of one particular song that towards the beginning gives a twinkling sound from the percussion (i am not completely sure the name of the instrument, chimes maybe?), anyway, i guess with the processing i was imaging that they would sound like they are all around me, but they sound like they are more coming from the passenger door. Maybe this an unrealistic expectation. An additional question for you though, do you turn on the logic7 without the center channel? Or is it really meant for the center channel. i have had the logic 7 on. Thanks.