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Originally Posted by wagonmeister View Post
Apparently logic 7 music mode is different than theatre mode. I will listen again with this in mind.
Yes, and musical recording is different from cinema sound. With movies, we are literally supposed to hear special effects happen from all directions - the ubiquitous helicopter flying overhead, or the planes taking off in Top Gun (dear God, let me never see that movie in a demo room again - it's like the Michael McDonald video in The 40-Year-Old Virgin).

Recordings of musicians, with few exceptions, are supposed to convey the illusion of a performance happening in front of you. Logic 7 is only supposed to make the performance happening in front of you seem more realistic due to recreation of the acoustic cues that real rooms have in them - but it's not supposed to put you on the stage in the middle of the performers.

There are a couple of genres where this front-stage musical illusion is not needed. Most of them are electronic dance music where the actual venue is a club, and hearing music all around you is what you do when you're in a club.

But most musical performances are recorded with some attempt to retain the location cues that are possible in two-channel stereo. The singer's over here, the drummer's over there, and the guitar is over there - but they are all in front of you. Unless you have a windbreaker at home that says SECURITY on the back, you listen to performances facing the performers.

If all you listen to is hip-hop, or rap, or techno/electronica, then imaging and staging are not valuable. But if you listen to other kinds of music, and you don't know the potential of stereo sound, you may be missing out on a good deal of what's possible with a good stereo recording.

If you read the Lexicon white papers on their site, it's not clear that Logic 7 really works that well unless the original recording was made with Logic 7. I suspect that Harman is actually bundling some other "surround-ish" technologies into the MS-8 and presenting them as being Logic 7 - when in fact, it may not be.
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