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Originally Posted by taibanl View Post
With Amps, if you are feeding with a signal from the HiFi coded head unit, you must use an amp that will accept balanced differential inputs, JL is one example that will. I think Alpine PDX will also and possibly the Arc Mini.

OEM Alpine HiFi upgrade
JL Audio XD600/6 (HiFi drop-in replacement)
JL Audio XD700/5
JL Audio HD Series
Arc Mini (+clones)
Alpine PDX?
JBL MS-A series?
Vibe Litebox


Pavlo's Choosing an Amp for my Setup

Amplifier wiring guide
Hi Taibanl,

Quick question on the JL Audio XD600/6 - you mentioned it is a direct replacement for the HiFi amp - I understand it is a 6 channel but how would the underseat subs be run?

I am looking at replacing amp, speakers and underseat subs and 1 amp for all would be ideal....


Edit - My I have purchased an E90 2nd hand. I cannot see a centre channel and it does not have Logic7 - trying to work out what I have....

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