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Bimmer-Tech CIC retrofit

Bimmer-Tech CIC retrofit

Another happy customer from Bimmer-Tech. Last weekend received my package from Poland.
The CIC retro is a mod I wanted to do for quite some time. It took some time to make the final decision, as it's not the cheapest mod and I wasn't sure it would be so simple to install.

I've reviewed most postings and experiences of other ppl doing the retrofit and read quite positive feedback about Patryk and Bimmer-Tech.
So I decided to go with Patryk, after he answered all my questions and doubts...The good thing about Patryk is that usually he replies lightning fast and with clear answers.

Friday received a big package from DHL, with the complete contents (as described on their site), well-packed.

Installation was actually not that hard. My car is 2007 E91 330d, with Navigation Professional, Bluetooth, USB (option 6FL) and Hifi sound (option 676). I use the BMW Y-cable to integrate my iPod.
After about 2-3 hours I got my CCC replaced with the new CIC. Missed one important thing, forgot to move the optical cables from the original harness to the PnP harness. So had to disassemble things again but in the end that was easy to fix.

Patryk then started to code my car. We had some issues with my pc, but after I changed to another laptop coding went really smooth and was finished in a breeze. All functions are supposed to work, and they do - Bluetooth, iPod via the existing Y-cable, sound, navigation... like it was factory fitted! Took my time to check this and only found DVD not working, which Patryk was able to fix that same night.

Overall very pleased with the retrofit and the Bimmer-Tech support.

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