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Originally Posted by Echo M3 View Post
I think one important point you left out is that the patterns of reimbursement change over time. For this reason, I don't think it's very prudent to choose a career within medicine purely based on compensation. People who have entered radiology for this purpose are starting to discover this, as employment opportunities and compensation are starting to drop across the nation.

Perhaps I'm being a bit naive, but my focus has been to systematically eliminate and select specialties based on considerations like job satisfaction, intellectual challenge, work environment and lifestyle. The downside is that I'm halfway through my 3rd year, and I've eliminated everything thus far .

Back on topic: Chief of specialty at my current rotation has a LMB E92 M3 ZCP. I wish I could bring up the topic of cars with him without coming off as a complete douche.
I like talking about cars with anybody and if a med student brought it up it would probably end up in a long conversation that had nothing to do with medicine or surgery. If he has a ZCP I would guess he either just bought the most expensive one he could or he is a car guy at heart. A conversation lie that would mean I'd remember that that student. People who stand out usually have more responsibility tossed on their shoulders and as a result have more opportunities to stand out and shine.

Reimbursement patters definitely change but there are some pretty stable trends. Payment for surgical procedures continues to decline. There are many better ways for a person to make money than in medicine and I agree that reimbursement shouldn't play the greatest role but it should play some role. Job satisfaction and lifestyle should be the biggest factors. Satisfaction is going to be low however if you work 80 hrs/week and make far less than peers who work 40 hrs and spend far more time with their families.