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Originally Posted by Chris.G View Post
You have a lot of pressure on you now to beat those 911 Porsche friends of yours. Your going to have great have fun, JUST DON"T LET US DOWN!!
Thanks Chris. My friend's 911 is in being serviced at the moment and he has a Cayman S loaner. I took it for a spin along the streets surrounding the carwash this afternoon. I can say without any doubt that the Procede'd 335 is easily quicker. In fact the Cayman felt quite slow. However, I must admit the handling of the Cayman was very flat and neutral. We sat in both cars and compared the differences. All in all - the 335 is a miles better car. Quicker, much more refined and quiet, full of electronics and cheaper.

Originally Posted by e93 View Post
Hi Dan - Have a look at the URL CaptOz posted. They do all sorts of driver training and track days. I'd be interested to go out there and have a go on a track day - last Wednesday of every month - $275 for the day lunch included.

Anyone else? Here is the calender -

I'm keen to do a track day as well e93 once I get back from Oran Park.