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Originally Posted by MrBen View Post
I had a Golf GT TDi 170 and they are pretty quick (even without a remap), but they are soulless uncomfortable things to drive and mine went wrong all the time, so don't be saddened that they can keep up with a proper car!

The Golf was my only Diesel experience, coming after an E46 330i, , but actually the fuel saving wasn't that great once the higher cost of diesel fuel was factored in, and I so missed the sound of a proper engine, so binned it off for an E90 325i. I did look at the six cylinder BM diesels, but after injector and DPF issues on the Golf, I didn't fancy any more of that. Personally, I'd have to be doing a very high annual mileage to want to buy a diesel again.
I had a petrol Golf before my 330d and that was constantly going wrong, luck of the draw i guess!

Diesel is only an extra 5p a ltr so that doesn't really make much difference.