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Originally Posted by purplewidow View Post
no it's not just the 1692... it's 2-600 for install and removal plus around another 200 for 2 day shipping up and back!! it is not just most people by now have a welded diff like me so it's even more yeah it's not some 500-800 or even a 1400 tune so a lot of people might not wanna invest that much.

on another note i just found out i am not going to michigan right now!!! probably in one month so i can still do this..even more importantly i am getting a loaner so i don't have to be without a replcement for my 335...i am not gonna pay labor for the taking installing and taking out the diff if total time is around 10 day according to kevin at birds so i am just gonna have my dealer do the work and they said they will give me a loaner!!!! which i know they are not obligated to do!!! plus they calmed my warranty i calmed there's with quaifes full lifetime warranty!!! i am pumped!! cannot wait

and aren't you guys the national rep....what do you no mean no solution for the welded diff...birds has one and they have done it before...aren't you guys selling quaife's and have to order them through birds anyways cause they want people to stock at least 30 and believe me i understandd that is a nice chunk of change to commit to...anyways good luck i cannot wait for this baby now!!! everyone says it completly changes how the car feels and the grip is just outstanding...i haven't heard one negative thing about it!!!! super pumped
Birds does have a solution, but a very expensive one. It would run about $2725 + shipping(not including installation) complete and we would need your existing housing in return. Otherwise there is a $2233 core charge. We just dont think anyone here is willing to fork out that kind of money for it.

It's a $5000 solution if you decide to keep your old diff housing!