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E92 with D2 Coilovers (Install, Review, and Pictures)

After buying new wheels & tires, the urge (or push) to lower the car comes shortly after. Aside from driving to & from work, my E92 is used for in-house test fitting of different width and offset wheels. One of the main questions we get is whether certain wheel/tire combos rub at so and so ride height.... what better excuse can I get, to purchase a set of new coilovers

My car should be one of the first few to have D2's (i haven't seen very many posts about them). I wasn't afraid to try it out because I've had indirect experience with the coilovers (have a few friends with these coilovers installed on a E46). With access to most of the large brands (H&R/Bilstein/etc) and install knowledge, I wasn't really afraid to be a guinea pig, LOL.

Initial Impression- For a set of coilovers costing less than $1000, the kit did not disappoint. It met/exceeded my expectation in terms of build & ride quality. On my E60, I switched suspensions three times in less than a year (people say im picky). I think these D2's will probably stay on for some time. And even if I discover an issue down the line, I'm sure they will sell replacement springs if I want different spring rates.

I haven't had the chance to get alignment/corner balancing but I will add a follow up review later. If I get my car dialed in before Friday, I'll be visiting a local track on Saturday to test these out. But knowing that D2 has won a few competitions on various Asia-Pacific racing series, these should do just fine.

Anyways here are some pictures:

Out of box pictures- The "height adjustment" needs some adjustment to fine tune the shock travel. Make sure this is adjusted properly, otherwise the shocks might bottom out causing premature failure.

Rear Dampers... very good construction and attention to detail.

Front Camber Plates & 32 way adjustment Strut bar needs to be unbolted to adjust dampening. And you may need to remove the coilover to adjust camber. Don't trust that the "0" is zero degrees. It just means the CENTER of the camber plate, lol.

Front Coilovers Installed. In terms of camber, this is the most negative you can go before cutting into the frame, which I dont plan on doing. I'll take a camber measurement later to let everyone know what this setting is. Note that the nut does not look "lined" up. This is because this is a slotted hole, allowing for a small degree of front camber adjustment for the E92's. Its somewhat annoying that I need to take the strut bar off to adjust dampening, but I don't think this needs to be done much after things are "dialed in."

OEM Rear vs D2 Springs- Coiled precisely the same way to allow reuse of factory bushings.

I just realized that I didn't take pictures of the coilovers installed on the car... I'll snap a few shots next time I swap wheels (which wont be long) .

BEFORE (with factory Sport Package)