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Originally Posted by NJ 1161 View Post
Thanks all. Gutted. It's 3 small scrapes on 2 panels but will mean both need re wrapping!

So she's said I need to contact my ins company. Do I or not? Do I wait and see if hers call me ?

If I don't and report it in a couple of days will that look dodgy?
Shitty thing to happen Nick,tough luck.

As for the insurance side of things,it's quite a tough call.

What's your gut feeling in regards the women,does she sound legit or not?

As you are no doubt aware, you are obliged to report the accident to your insurance company,however,I can understand why many don't.

If you have the other drivers details,which I hope you do,call them up (her insurers),and see if they are aware of the collision,and if they are,ask if their policy holder has admiited fault,and how they are proposing to proceed with sorting out your car.

If they are unaware of the accident,you need to contact your insurers ASAP,and proceed through them,unfortunately this will no doubt have an impact on your next renewal,but it could be worse.

Good luck.

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