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2007 335i 81k miles

Well it just happened to me. A few days ago I had the yellow warning followed by the red engine has overheated. I checked and there was no coolant in the tank. Refilled tank IAW bmw service on the phone. Drove it a few more days and it happened again yesterday, only this time the battery also died while waiting on tow truck. First truck showed up and since I was unable to get the car out of gear due to the dead battery, he tried to jump me from the connections under the hood (also as per BMW technician). Well that cause the whole system to lockup and throw a steering lock malfunction. At this point the tow truck driver left. I called BMW roadside assistance again and they had another truck sent with rollers for the wheels. Finaly got the car to the dealership about an hour after they closed. They should get back with me sometime monday and let me know what they find. I still have till the 28th of next month on the CPO so hopefuly they will cover it all.