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Originally Posted by Econ2001 View Post
I replaced my WP and Thermostat this weekend using this as a guide. Great write up!

My symptoms were the same as most: Air blown by heater started going colder first. On the ride home, got a yellow temp warning (drive conservatively) followed by the red warning (Stop vehicle and allow to cool, contact service).
2006 325i with 132K. Attempted to activate the coolant flush sequence before buying a new pump and thermo, but it never activated, so I bought parts (Tischer is the cheapest). I bought them locally so I could get on the road. Still saved 15% over retail, but still paid over $100 more than if I would have bought on line.
In the process of re-installing everything but ran into a problem when I broke a connector. The Pump works and the flush sequence started, so I'm confident that my original problem is now resolved. But...

I broke the locking tab off of the female electrical connector that connects to the WP. What should I do? I've tried finding the connector everywhere on-line, looked at numerous schematics at Tischer and SouthAltlantBMWParts, but cannot find a part number.

Should I tape it? Glue it? Any suggestions?
Is THIS it or is that the male side?