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I guess i could use this thread to say what i think if makkan's work.

He coded my car tonight for quite a lot of things. See below:

1- Power windows should not be interrupted when opening the door.
2- comfort eject of the key.
Rather turning off the engine and then pushing the key in to eject it,
you simply press and hold the start key for 2 seconds, and key eject (but stay in the socket), so no need to push then and just pull.
3- Panic alarm
4- Mirror folding with key
5- Power windows on after turning off
Power windows active 1 minute after turning off the engine.
6- DRLs always on at zero position of headlight switch (i.e do not dim)
7- LCI tail light coding
8- Josh front light coding so no errors (im getting angel eye retrofit next week)
9- Alarm chirp on locking / unlocking
10- Alarm chirp on closing the boot if that is the last one to be closed.
11- Halo rings coming on with the security alarm
12- Central locking button without key
13- Wipers to return to original position after turning off the engine
14- Digital speed display: will be done soon
The above was done remotely. So i was sitting in my car, watching my laptop as he was doing his magic. After seeing how complex it all was there is no way i am going to try coding. He was lightening fast.

Everything works as described perfectly. BMW dealers ought to learn a thing or two off Sam. Thank you!