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Hello, I have exactly cable of you. I install correct all programs on WinXP 32Bit.
What it's problem with my cable for E71 from 08/2010 ! Pictures atashed. Thanks in advance. NS (
PS Yes, not bridge connection for pin 7 & 8 !
YOu cable is not the correct cable I would believe and the drivers are not the correct ones.

SWID reader doesnt work on your car because you have CCC headunit and two even if you have CIC headunit it will not work as you need ICOM to read and retrieve the 1B file. Only way Dcan works with SWID reader is if the unit has a cic emulator on it and its a retrofit unit...

My bet is the cable is NOT compatible..

If you have one of those cables you maybe can try this out but I dont know if it for sure works