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Originally Posted by xbook View Post
What about general hate filled threads like the one Lambtron put up earlier? It was removed, but it was allowed to be posted. Is he getting banned for the TERRIBLE "joke" he tried to post?

If racism = BAN, then homophobic threads like the one Lambtron started need to be basis for a ban as well. Otherwise your Racism = BAN policy is discriminatory.
I received an infraction. My apologies to you or anyone that may have been offended by the joke. I would argue that the joke was not hate filled at all, nor does it constitute racism; it was merely a joke that has been floating around the internet in the wake of the potential repeal of the DADT policy. And, in my defense, unless I completely missed something in the forum rules, I was unaware that I was breaking any.

FWIW- A quick search shows that there is another 'homophobic' thread that is still around on the site: 'Am I Gay?' A self examination for men

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