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This is the politics/religion forum. Why would we want to avoid talking about religion in the religion forum? This areas is specifically set aside for these most contentous of issues, that many people want to avoid. Enter here at your own risk. Besides- pretty much every religion thinks every other religion is wrong, so all religion is inherently bigoted. That doesn't mean we shouldn't talk about it- especially in here!

Likewise, since this forum is also for politics, you should be able to make generalizationg about what Democrats and Republicans stand for, for instance. There's no point having a religion or political party if there isn't a central core of beliefs. The same can not be said about ones race, nationality, or sexual orientation. Those are things you're born with (although race is the only one that is completely obvious AND unchangeable). Besides- just because something is deragatory doesn't make it wrong. Saying Vietnamese eat dogs is TRUE (although they increasingly keep them for pets, too). Saying Muslims are more likely to support terrorism than other religions is TRUE (The numbers are getting much better at a fast rate, but are still very high). Saying early Mormons practiced polygymy is TRUE. Saying atheists are godless heathens is TRUE.

Topics such as religion need to be drawn out of the closet and examined and criticized in the full light of day- especially since religion is often an important factor in people's political decisions.

HoustonScott: I think your concern is unfounded. If you say "I disagree with Obama because his policies are socialist", that isn't racist (regardless of whether it's right). If you say "I disagree with Obama because he's black", that's racist. If someone is calling you out over racism when the issue of race was never raised or implied, they clearly have no argument left and are grasping at straws. I wouldn't worry about getting banned over that, unless you're using thinly vailed racism like...I don't know...calling black people "watermelon eaters" or something, where it's obvious what you're getting at.

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