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Originally Posted by zltm089 View Post
Ahh bollocks!!!!!....I just ordered some H8 bulbs from the USA!!!...didn't see this thread until now!!!!... I would always give priority to sponsored vendors if their price and service are competitive!

There were a few thread on bulbs and lights in the tech section!!! You should have commented on them!!!...

Anyway, what options have you got for Daytime Running Light H8 bulbs? I just want to replace the bulbs and not the whole "unit"/ case.

I paid about 30 for GP Thunders.

Not bothered about the price of the bulbs, but I'm after reliability and legally bright and powerful lights!
Hi Buddy,

Thats a shame! I don't think us traders are allowed to post in other sections, could you give me a link to the light threads?! I will check them out and see what we can do...

When you say the Daytime Running Light, are you referring to the Angel Eyes yes? What model and year is your car? I will send you a link once I know which kit you need.


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