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Originally Posted by YnnoJ420 View Post
Thank you! I've been searching for so long for headlight covers! So you purchased this headlight covers ( and fitment was good? Also for my pre-lci e90 headlights, the permasealed glue just need to bake in the oven long enough to pry open the headlight correct?
Well I purchased the one for e92/3 pre lci, but the ones you linked here should fit your car if it is pre lci e90 xenon.

For your permasealed headlights, it is a little harder. I have only opened one set of permasealed headlights but the process is somewhat similar. You can use an oven to heat up the seal but I prefer a heat gun so I can work on one section at a time. It takes a while to work on one section so by the time you finish one section, the other parts will be cooled so the oven is a waste in my opinion. You can purchase Morimoto Permatrator to soften the seal and make it easier to work with. After modding, use butyl to seal them back up.

The other option is to cut off your lens from the housing. Since you are planning on getting new lenses, this may not be a bad option either. I definitely recommend you get the lenses from bimmerjakes. You never know the quality of the China lenses and if their UV coat will fail in a few years.
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