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Originally Posted by BB_cuda View Post
Renegadenick - I see you're using ZKW-R clear lenses. I have newer LCI adaptive projectors so I'm using STI-R from

Q1) Do you mind if I ask how much spacing did you need to get a good sharp cutoff? I went with ~0.206"
Q2) Can you explain cut off flap removal please? not sure if you did surgery on your projector's cutoff or something else. I tried to cut on it not to change the profile but to remove the extra sheet metal and it really m$cked it up. I'll find a picture to show you one that isn't cut versus the one i cut. thanks
Picture is from left side projector loose on a bar stool with 12V battery feeding the ballast. My test lab in the driveway at 11 pm. About 25 feet to the garage door.
I don't recall how much spacing I did exactly, I just used washer and had to keep test fitting. I removed the projector and ballast from the headlight and hooked up 12v to make it easy. Looks like you have a similar rig.

Attached is a photo I took from another thread. It shows the "RV" flap I cut off.
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