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Originally Posted by BB_cuda View Post
Originally Posted by Vulcan50 View Post
BB_cuda, for Q2, there's a tab of sorts on the shield, I believe I cut mine off mostly and used aluminum tape to cover the hole.
Thanks, Vulcan50. Why did you cut off the tab? is there a benefit? I have 6 different E90 projectors (3 left and 3 right). I have another pair that went for a swim during a hurricane. I took off the cutoff shield from one of the bad ones and experimented. I trimmed off the extra metal on it and re-installed onto one of the good projectors. The cutoff was much more blury.

Can you explain why it is trimmed and perhaps what did i screw up in my trial? thanks
P.S. If you have a picture of what you mean by trimmed tab, this would be wonderful. I'm talking about the shield that goes across the projector beam and is painted black (sort of sheet metal material).
You may have different projectors in your LCI, mine are AL. The flap removal can give you a more blue color and sharper cut off that a lot of headlight retrofitters chase after. It looks like you have a hotspot in one of your pictures, you may have to adjust the focal length with spacers.
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