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Vendors bashing eachother on new accounts or something?

The only log on your datazap of a "3rd gear" pull shows a small -3* timing correction on one cylinder:

Everything about the log looks pretty normal...

As for your idle logs... You only show 30 seconds for Wedge custom tune and then 86 seconds for the OTS map. It's hard to really compare just how much better your idle is with the OTS map when the log of the Wedge tune is 1/3 the length...

Every time you retune the car needs to adapt. Especially going from an OTS to a tune actually meant for an upgraded turbo. It might take several days for the car to idle correctly off a cold start as fuel trims settle over time.

I don't see anything presented to warrant starting a riot over. Stock cars and tune even choke out on cold starts lol. BMW has a procedure to raise idle +150rpm. I turned cold start back on because I didn't like how my car idled off a cold start without the high rpm startup. The car is loud as shit on a cold start but it stopped any cold start stumbles.

The only thing to be upset about here is the lack of communication. Good luck finding any tuner that is responsive. They all take 1 week+ to send a revision and likely have to go through hundreds of emails before getting back to yours specifically. It is what it is in that regard and yeah it is BS.

Stick with it and I am sure you'll get the revisions you need. Maybe take some better logs in the meantime. One third gear log from 3300rpm to 5300rpm just aint going to cut it. Google on how to take a proper log.

Also, please tick the STFT option... it's not in your log and likely needed to dial in idle air and fuel.

you should absolutely not be using an OTS tune with a PS1. Without the custom tune you'll make the same power as a stock turbo lol.
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