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Originally Posted by Jsmz View Post
True, it was a short run for this motor. But the ewg n55 is pretty much the same motor other than wastgate operation, which shouldn't make a whole lot of difference at start and idle.

Don't get me wrong the wedge e30 tune pulls like a fkn freight train at wot and wedge has my PS1 pulling almost 20psi to redline with it.

BUT..... with just the 5 people in this thread on a dying forum your looking at at least $2600 in worthless tunes. Idk how much a single map is but my two were $600. You would think the time could be spent figuring out what is wrong with the cold start and idle. All I got from them (I'm sure the others got the same) was it's a hardware issue.

Engine just rolled 90k miles,12 new plugs (6 stock 6 ngk gapped 22) 7 new coils (1 to move around cyl to cyl) and 6 new injectors. Cleaned my 90k mile vanos, maf, and intake map, cleaned my 30k mile tmap, fuel pressure is legit on an ots idle. It's not a hardware issue.
Unmetered air leaks can eff with idle pretty good, but have a more negligible effect at higher loads. Have you tested your pcv valve in your valve cover, or done any boost or vacuum leak checks?

Do you have idle issues on the stock map?
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