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Originally Posted by wheela View Post
Unmetered air leaks can eff with idle pretty good, but have a more negligible effect at higher loads. Have you tested your pcv valve in your valve cover, or done any boost or vacuum leak checks?

Do you have idle issues on the stock map?
A vacumm leak would cause positive fuel trims.

Looking at the log, fuel trims are very negative (-10% LTFT) which means the car is not getting as much air as it thinks it is... the opposite of what a vacumm leak does.

Jsmz are you on stock intake?

I do think this might be the tune but it could also be your hardware setup not matching what they provided you a tune for (e.g. intake). I lean toward your intake/tune because in the ots log your MAF reads ~6-7 g/s which is normal. Then in the Wedge tune log I see maf of 9-12 g/s which might indicate that ve is tuned higher than it should be causing the rich condition. Rich condition and -10%LTFT likely the cause of the rough idle.

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