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[QUOTE=bbnks2;28370474]A vacumm leak would cause positive fuel trims.

Looking at the log, fuel trims are very negative (-10% LTFT) which means the car is not getting as much air as it thinks it is... the opposite of what a vacumm leak does.

Jsmz are you on stock intake?

I do think this might be the tune but it could also be your hardware setup not matching what they provided you a tune for (e.g. intake). I lean toward your intake/tune because in the ots log your MAF reads ~6-7 g/s which is normal. Then in the Wedge tune log I see maf of 9-12 g/s which might indicate that ve is tuned higher than it should be causing the rich condition. Rich condition and -10%LTFT likely the cause of the rough

I agree with what you said about negative fuel trim at idle, I hadn't looked at any of the logs. I also agree it's probably tune related if the issue is only there on the wedge tune.
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