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Originally Posted by Lush335 View Post
Did anyone have this issue sorted out by Wedge? I'm having the exact same issue on my N55e PWG car. Idle and cold start are fine on stock and MHD Stage 2+ tunes but crappy idle and cold start with Wedge. Idle fluctuates and then tries to idle at 500rpm. If I gently touch the throttle, it stalls. Smells rich. Coming up to a stop sign when cold, clutch in, stalls. Idles better once it's warmed up. One thing I noticed was that the calculated air mass is reading 35%-45% higher than the MAF value on the Wedge tune. Stock and MHD are within a few percent. Not sure why this is?

They haven't fixed mine yet and it's frustrating to see others have had the same issue.
What do your long and short term fuel trims look like at idle? If the MAF values are different on the wedge tune that stock and MHD tunes, it sounds like they may have the HFM (Hot Film Massflow sensor) tables set up different for some reason. Normally, I don't think you'd need to touch those unless you change your intake. Do you have stock intake?
Have you let Wedge know about this discrepancy you've seen with MAF values across the different tunes?
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