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Originally Posted by Lush335 View Post
I've logged the OTS cold start and idle but I need to log it with the Wedge tune.

I'm running a BMS intake and included it in my list of mods to Wedge.

I've let Wedge know about the issue I'm having. Waiting for a fix and running the MHD OTS tune for now.
I went through about 4 revisions before I gave up. It got to a point where the car isn't stalling anymore but it still isn't right. My timing corrections are crazy even under small loads and RPMs are still bouncy at cold starts. I am still running the tune but I have been debating on going with David Shoup just because these timing corrections are not good. He said he could clean everything up and make everything run better. Only thing holding me back is another $500 out of pocket for a tune.

But who am I kidding. I am probably going to do it to keep me entertained with this car until SQ5 prices come down later this year or early next year.
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