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Please Help: Is my FRM fried?

So I was working on replacing the DISA valves and it seems the FRM died suddenly. It appears the FRM3 is prone to sudden death when disconnecting / reconnecting the battery.

I did disconnect battery a few times to prevent discharge while working. In the interim, I did charge battery a couple of hours. Also drove around about 15 miles to see if problem would go away.

I do have some screenshots of the codes below. Main one is the CDAB, a few others below. I use BavTech cable.

Some symptom highlights:

Headlights are not working (always in DRL mode)
Turn signals do not work
Windows do not go down
Taillights are always on for some reason.
Brake lights work OK
What are options for replacing FRM? Is there someone who can reprogram them for a fee?

Also obviously buying a new one is an option, what software can be used to code new one?

I know I'm reaching but is there a way to "hard reset" module?


Appreciate 0