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I have seen several threads and youtube videos how to code-in a new FRM3. However, I want to make sure the steps are correct. Most guides I have come across list 5-7 lines without true detail.
I wrote down the steps below as I looked at several sources. Can someone please look and correct if any steps are incorrect for Standard Tools please?

open INPA
 - make sure Ignition On, Cable On
 - select E90 (or other chassis)
 - select Body
 - select FRM (pre or post 07) [warnings pop up]
  - check info, errors, etc. [to see codes, part num, etc.]
 - close
open WinKfp
 - choose comfort
 - update ECU (F3)
 - choose FRM version installed (usually 3)
 - enter VIN (F4) [provide your vin number]
 - OK; Done
 - Prog ZB Update [takes a few min]
 - close
USE INPA to verify VIN:
 - Select E90
 - Functional Jobs
 - E90; User Info Field; [VIN should match other Modules]
open NCS-Expert
 - file; load profile
 - choose manipulation (or expert)
 - start (F1)
 - Chassis (F3); Pick E89 [Seems strange, but E9X series are all under E89]
 - Choose CAS; OK
 - Back (F6)
 - Process ECU (F4); Choose NFRM; OK
 - Change Job (F2); Choose FA_WRITE
 - Execute Job (F3)
 - Back to Main (F6); Start (F1)
 - Chassis (F3); Choose NFRM; Back (F6); Process ECU (F4) [Jobname: SG_CODEREN, takes a bit of time]
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