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Originally Posted by Jsmz View Post
Did you get finished up with shoup? Im ready to get my e40 tune with either shoup, pure boost or doc vu. I'm still torn on which way to go.

On a side note the updated ots stage 2+ 91 tune can handle a FBO ps1 car, it just keeps the wgdc very low.
Negative. Some weird things going on with my car. My car isn't liking any timing increase he is giving me. Boost is perfect but as soon as he increases timing, I start getting crazy timing corrections. It is acting like my car is running on 87 octane. I am getting my car in the shop on Thursday for an oil change and to cut open the oil filter to see if there is anything in it. He is worried I got knock from rod bearings being worn.

Currently running the car without meth on a stock timing tune until we can determine what is going on. very little timing corrections with barely any timing added
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