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Originally Posted by muzzammil15 View Post

The siren noise is most likely due to you removing the cats and going catless DP's. Cats usually quiet down a lot of the turbo spool up noise, and not they are not there. You are hearing more of the turbo spool up. A lot of people have said, as the car warms up the sound goes away.
Originally Posted by zeenon53 View Post
The whistling is the turbos spooling. If your feeling vibrations though your pipes are either touching the frame or the engine block. You are going to have to go back and adjust them. Once installed correctly the car should still drive like OEM.
+1....with dps you'll definitely hear the turbos more...whistling noise should be more prominent.

however...if you're hearing a 'siren' type noise.....that is not normal and possible your turbos are heading south. does your car smoke at all?