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Originally Posted by hotrod2448 View Post
It's not ideal but since he has a baseline in mustang, first round map dyno in both mustang and dyno jet formats and a second map in dyno jet you can extrapolate what the curve would look like on either dyno from the deltas. If I (or someone else) had time we could plot it in excel just to see what the curves look like.

Looks pretty good to me.
If you are going to base your purchase decision to spend $1k+ on a tune on an extrapulation between an "independent" dyno pull on a Mustang and a dyno pull on a dyno-jet at a shop with which the tuner has relationship, have at it, it's your money not mine.

Like I said, I understand there were likely some kinks to work out, seeing how this was the first US spec 335d to run the Evolve tune, but that is no reason to throw-out and discount a follow-up on an "independent" dyno where the original baseline and 2nd dyno were conducted after VS/Evolve made the adjustments. That is really the key data point that is missing; sorry if I am not drinking the Kool-Aid, YET.