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Originally Posted by willhollin View Post
So how's the van, whats the economy like?
I'm finding the drivers seat a tad uncomfy, but that's because my back is fooked.

Aside from that the van is ace, never had so many wanting looks, from blokes obviously (because secretly we all want to be in the A team.)

I have put a motexion bulkhead in and carry around 800kg of tools and parts, and put the 19"s on now. But i still get 600 miles to the tank, which was 105 last fill. Computer shows 35mpg over long distances, mostly set cruise at 70. On single track "back country" roads it generally shows 37-40 mpg. Don't suppose it's that great, might go for DSG caddy next time, what does yours do mpg wise?

Sorry for being OT.

Back on topic, i've been buying heatmiser stuff for years, it's very good, them wireless enabled stats are said to be the nuts. However if your an apple fan you could wait for the "nest", do a search, already available in the US, set for UK sale (i believe in apple shops) soon.

You can also get a range of battery operated thermostatic valve heads, that open and close dependant on a battery operated stat in that room, the boiler only fires when at least one room asks for heat. These are available from one of my suppliers, however it'll be a little more pricey and complicated obviously.
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