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The 320d is the car that I was hoping BMW AG would see fit to subsidize in the NA market, rather than the 335d. But the dealer network had a hissy fit that 4 cyl diesel would tarnish the brand image. They are a bunch of fu$%&g dinosaurs with no vision. A 50+ mpg BMW with a green image would create its own market and bring a ton of new customers into the showroom that otherwise would never be comfortable with the moral compromise of anything less than a Prius.

My ad campaign? 320d that runs rings around the Prius and some supposed sports sedans on the 'ring, and then also goes across America with 3 tankfuls, leaving the Prius and other contenders stranded in places like Missouri. All this in a luxury sports sedan.

In a time of gulf coast eco disasters, middle-east wars, debt crisis, etc., a 50mpg auto / truck fleet would be fairly popular. Hence my thoughts re: a BMW/Ford merger that could meld BMW engineering with Ford manufacturing potential.