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Yeah, I really don't get why these cars aren't sold in the US. I mean, a luxury car that looks great and gets amazing gas mileage? Who wouldn't buy that? All the hybrids we have here look like crap and the diesels are too small and economy car like.

It's all marketing. The 335d proves that BMW knows how to make a 50-state legal diesel motor. The rest is brand perception.

In the US, 4 cylinder diesels are associated with econoboxes (Golf TDI for example), but not the luxury/performance brand the BMW is perceived to be in the US. Plus, many Americans still associate diesels with noisy trucks or old Mercedes diesels spewing black exhaust.

I think BMW introduced the 335d and x35d cars first because they are high performance. Audi and Mercedes are slowly introducing more diesels too.

It'll happen, it'll just take time. I wouldn't be surprised if the next-gen 3 series is available with more than one diesel motor.
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