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Originally Posted by jpsimon View Post
The same people willing to spend 2000 for a moderate flash that you can't even custom tune.... will be the same people willing to dish out money for an over priced dinan exhaust too
The dinan tune is not that far off from what everyone else is running.With there exh it will be pretty much at the limit of being safe and reliable.

some people just want the basic simple bolt ons,like a chip intake and exh...Something that dinan will offer and you wont have to worry about losing your warenty.

How many people down the line will buy a used 335 if they new it had 20 different piggy back maps on it.I wouldnt want one.I could live with knowing a car had a dinan flash tho.

These are going to be nice cars to pick up in a few years as cpo cars from BMW.

If I was dinan I would bust everyones ballz and run a xmas special and sell them for 1500