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Originally Posted by bdardashti View Post
Hey Doctor, you won't have iPod Out yet. That's coming in calendar year 2011. It MAY be upgradable on cars produced after September, since they said one of the advantages of September production's TCU is that it is upgradeable down the road...

Now as far as connectivity, from what I've read, the only extra you'll get from a Blackberry integrating with iDrive as opposed to iPhone 4 is email on the screen and calendars. A fellow poster from England mentioned he saw his SMS on the iDrive screen of a F10 he test drove, and he had the iPhone 4. You'll also get better entertainment integration, with iPod and cover art support, as well as Bluetooth music streaming.

I'd go for the iPhone; it's easier to use, more consumer oriented, better apps, and in my opinion, better web and email experience as well. You'll get answers both ways though, so you'll have to check them out and see which one you prefer. I also prefer the iPhone's keyboard which in my opinion is faster than a physical keyboard once you get used to it.
Thanks bdardashti. I do like the iPhone for the reasons you mentioned, but just a few clarifications:

- I thought the 'Bluetooth music streaming' was a RIM integration feature not iPod according to the sticky post, although I don't see why it would be limited to a RIM phone.
- From what I've read, the BlackBerry email and text messages would not only be onscreen, but also read aloud to you a la text-to-speech, which seems pretty cool to me. Is the Cover Flow only for iPod - I would've thought any mp3 w/ cover art would work even from USB key for example - no?