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Originally Posted by Clap135 View Post
yea cause when you are floored, getting 1.7mpg is much better then 1.2mpg lol
The point I was making is that it is undesirable to target an unnecessarily rich AFR for the sake of saying "look how much richer I am running". With these engines, over-fueling beyond a point has no discernible effect on knock resistance or cylinder temps. It just results in power loss and reduced fuel economy. Also, the injection window on this DI engine is quite narrow so extending the injection time of the injectors will never get to the point where valve opening is going to be an issue. It's also worth mentioning that there has been no evidence of a discrete injector on-time limitation in this application. The limit, until now, has been induced by other components in the fuel system.

That said, any further tuning discussion is best left for another thread. This one is about fuel system capacity.