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Narrowly avoided major damage to my car today. Was cruising along on 91 South minding my own business and some moron in a two-gen old Jetta weaving through traffic at 100+ decided he'd cut me off. There was literally about two inches between my car and his and then maybe three and four between his and the car in front. Naturally, since he was doing about 90 at this point, he had to brake hard, forcing me to literally slam my brakes full force. Had there been anyone behind me at the time (all the more reason to be pissed at him for cutting me off, if he had waited oh, say, a half second, he could've merged in just fine), they would've hit me HARD.

And, of course, instead of learning from his douchebaggery and nearly causing his insurance to skyrocket, he decides to continue weaving through heavy traffic at easily 100+ in his ugly little girl's car.


Just had to get that off my chest.
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