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Originally Posted by 07twntrbo View Post
well i was sitting at home, and my girlfriend calls me and tells me to meet her at her house, i pick her up and we got on the main road and first thing i see is some guy in his Z28 Camarro speed by, im already in the left turning lane and im like lets race that douche, so i get in the right lane and follow him, finally we get up to eachother and were at a 40 mile role and that was the sweet spot on my S60R, we take off and were even for a while and i start leaving him little by little, and he just slams his brakes, but i just keep going, im doing 125+mph by now as im coming up around this turn and hill i slow down and try to take the turn and i didnt see the median in the middle and i hopped over it with my left front tire, blew that, and lost control and slammed into a curb. the airbag curtain deployed of course knowing volvos, we got the car towed home.

-good we were okay
-bad fucked up my first car that i bought when i turned 16.

but i was trying to sell it anyways they ended up totaling it now im sitting in my dream car that i always wanted before i got the volvo.
Um... So your raced and crashed your car, which was a volvo (very intimidating). Looking forward to some quality stories from you in the new car. Or not. In all seriousness, I hope truly hope maturity develops before anyone seriously gets hurts. BMW's have a bad enough wrap as it is.