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Originally Posted by ACEE View Post
1) 18-100 we all have done stupid things - this is not a crime
2) stock car or not - not a crime
3) evading the cops (running from the cops) -crime
4) illegal street racing - crime
5) excess speeding - crime
6) endangering the lives of others - DISRESPECTFUL

you shared your story and everyone just put their opinion in. I don't think anyone is trying to be a dick. As an 18 year old we all have gotten flamed for one thing or another. But the moral of the story is, EDUCATION!!!. What have you learned from this incident? As long as you learn something GOOD then everything will end well. But introducing yourself as someone who runs from the cops and just RANDOMLY race people minding there own business, is not a good way to get people on your side. So as a younger member of the car community please listen to some of the things the older people say, they may come across hard, but some times they are for your own good.