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on my tyreweld can it states that you can clean our the gunk with warm soapy water. It states All Nationalauto Centres will do this no probs. Others may charge an extra fee for this work.

It also says that you should run the car for 6-12 miles at no more than 30mph to make sure the stuff coats the inside of the tyre fully. Then go and check the tyre pressures. Suppose that isn't great if your on the motorway is it. Suppose you should come off the motorway at the 1st available exit to get your tyres upto pressure unless/visit a tyre dealer. But if its the middle of the night and you need to travel a few hundred miles it might not ideal.

I've seen on other forums people travel some distance on a tyreweld fix and upto speeds of 90mph (don't know why they choose this point to visit a private motorway.....).

My Tyreweld states any tyre above 155R, this include my 265R's then? Looking on Hellfrauds the largest can 500ml states tyres upto 16". Think its a good job I carry 2 cans......Anyone used this on a 17" tyre and above. Do you need 2 cans. Or did you use one can and then pump the rest up with a tyre pump