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Originally Posted by B Brownburry View Post
Hi guys,

Today I was driving easy at 80 km/hr and then the service engine soon light came on. I beleive it was yellow. I must say I was in heavy traffic and it made me panick a little.

Still had some power, but stopped at a traffic light and it stalled, had a hard time starting it back, had to close everything, and push the start button several times.

I was lucky, as I was only 5 min. from BMW park avenue in Brossard here (which is not the place I bought it from)...

So here in Quebec dealerships are closed on week-ends, so I have a wonderful beige on beige MALIBU for the week-end. Drove it for 10 minutes afterwards, it is awful.

And by the way I'm running on low octane gas (regular 87) by recommendation from my dealership since I had misfires back in december. Supposedly they add stuff in premium gasoline in wintertime that my 335 doesn't like, or something like that.

Other than that, can't wait to put the summers on.

I miss my 128i sport pack, never failed me on anything in 50 000kms...and the suspension...god our suspension is lame on the xdrive.
First thing first...87 is no good for this car. Find somewhere that provides a higher octane gas...87 is super should be at least 89 (so the gas cap says) but I would say at least 91 for the engine to work well. Honestly not sure what the dealer person was smoking when they told you put 87...most of these people don't know a thing about how a car works

As for suspension...Im on kwv1 and the car is great.